11 Ways to Make Money Fast Illegally That Will Leave You Speechless

Check out these illegal ways to make fast money (do not try this).

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I am by no means suggesting anyone to do any of this. It’s just an answer to the question of how to make money fast illegally that really work.

**Disclaimer: Gigs Done Right is not condoning any of these ways of how to make money fast illegally. I just wanted to discuss the topic and want to grow blog viewers. That’s the only reason I am answering this.**

11 Immoral and Illegal Ways to Make Money Fast

Wondering how to make money fast illegally? Sometimes you’re down on your luck and could just use some fast cash. Maybe taking a risk and can pay off big? It’s your decision to make as you read some of the best ways to make money fast illegally:

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Table of Contents

1. Count cards playing blackjack

Everybody’s looking for an edge. Stock traders, side hustlers, football coaches. A good dependable edge doesn’t show up too often, but when it does it can pay off.

The best part about this edge? Card counting is not illegal under British law, nor is it under federal, state, or local laws in the United States provided that no external card counting device or person assists the player in counting cards.

Still, casinos object to the practice of card counting and try to prevent it, banning players believed to be counters.

If you learn how to count cards you can become a profitable moneymaker at the tables.

Why? In an average blackjack game, the casino has a 1% advantage. For every $100 in the pot, they will profit $1.

If you learn how to count cards you can decrease the house advantage, allowing you to profit 1.5% on every hand.

Then for every hand dealt, you stand to make $75 per hour, given an average bet of $100 and 50 hands dealt per hour.

The only trick is going undetected.

2. Credit card fraud

Credit card fraud is a wide-ranging term for theft and fraud committed using or involving a payment card, such as a credit card or debit card, as a fraudulent source of funds in a transaction.

You can ease into this illegal way to make money by buying a credit card skimmer on the dark web. Then you can attach it to an ATM machine, or a vending machine nearby. Once somebody inserts their credit card, the credit card skimmer can save the card info.

Then you can use that credit card to obtain goods without paying or to obtain unauthorized funds from an account.

3. Become a pimp

Yeah, you’ll need a cold heart for this one. A procurer, colloquially called a pimp (if male) or a madam (if female), is an agent for prostitutes who collects part of their earnings.

As a pimp, you can make $5,000 to $32,000 per week in return for advertising services, physical protection, or for providing, and possibly monopolizing, a location where the prostitute may engage clients.

Like prostitution, the legality of certain actions of a madam or a pimp varies from one region to the next.

It’s no secret that being a pimp is an illegal way on how to make money fast.

4. Stealing stuff

Another way to make money fast illegally is stealing stuff. Whether it is from retail stores or from innocent bystanders. You can flip those items on eBay, Craigslist or selling apps like OfferUp.

Obviously items like cell phones would yield the maximum profit for not much work. For example, if you got your hands on the latest iPhone X, you can flip it locally for a quick $500 bucks. Do this once every month and that’s $6,000 added to your monthly salary. Not bad.

Stealing clothing, wallets, or accessories from stores would be riskier so keep that in mind.

5. Rob a bank

This wouldn’t be a complete how to make money fast illegally list with the good ole bank robbery.

But just know that according to USNews, the average bank robbery netted about $4,330, compared to an average of $1,589 for all commercial robberies (breaking into a business).

They also suggested to avoid convenience stores—the average take there is just $769.

Better yet, go to England, where the average bank robbery nets the U.S. equivalent of $31,500 (use a note – no gun, you’ll get less time).

6. Catfishing

So this is another completely unethical way to make money fast illegally but it really works (have you seen the Catfish TV show recently?).

You could create a fake Facebook, Instagram, and even a landing page posing as a dime (hot girl) who is looking to meet up wealthy suitors in return for financial means ($$$).

Source the photos from some random Facebook page of a good looking girl to build your social media profile. You can buy fake Facebook friends and Instagram followers really cheap too — it’s just a Google search away.

Once your profiles look legitimate and real — start reaching out to men who look wealthy and seducing them with fake promises. Say that you’re in town (whatever town they’re in) and wanted to meet up or want to get paid to chat. You can insinuate you want a tip before meeting to know they are legit.

Tell them you are willing to “meet” for $500 and get paid in Bitcoin (or Cash or PayPal app works) so they can’t trace it back to you.

If you can do this for 20 guys, you make $10,000. Want to get even more immoral? You can try and get revealing pictures of them and blackmail them for more money if they are married.

Crazy, right? Even if you fall short of your goal — you can probably get away with this one fairly easily.

7. Resell eBooks on Amazon and eBay

When you think about selling counterfeit goods you may picture somebody selling fake Gucci wallets and handbags in China Town.

But the counterfeit goods market has moved online and which makes it easier. Selling pirated goods, specifically e-textbooks like college books, fitness books, finance books, and more can pay off.

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You can simply search for a specific book with the added term “e-book” or “free download” and many of them are available for download. Then you can download them and list them on Amazon or eBay for less than what they are selling for. Just be sure to include in your listing that the book will be in e-textbook or e-book and will be sent to their email.

Technically it is illegal to sell counterfeit goods, but the worst that will happen is that your listing would get removed. If you sell 5 books a month for an average price of $30, you can add $150 to your monthly income or $1,800 a year!

7. Scam unsuspecting victims

Scammers are on the rise. If you take a look at the scam alerts on the FTC website you’ll see a bunch of the latest scams people are using.

This means that scamming is alive and well and a way for people to make money illegally. Scammers typically prey on the gullible, elderly and try and take as much money as they can.

Here is how you can make money illegally as a scammer:

  • Bogus car listing: Drive for long enough in any good-sized city, and you’re likely to see a car that’s been wrapped in an advertisement. As a scammer, you post bogus work opportunities on car ads that look legitimate.
  • Fake check scams: You can go to classifieds and offer to pay somebody by check and wire some of the money back. It’s a scam that could cost them thousands of dollars and fatten your wallet.
  • Investments scams: Whether they have little money or a lot, you’d probably like to have more to “feather your nest.” You can get a gullible person’s money to fly away if you get them caught in an investment scam.
  • Pyramid schemes: The pitch is that you will make money by paying to participate in the program and recruiting others to join. Since it is a pyramid, you will make money for recruiting new members and they will likely lose money.
  • Work at home scams: Place an ad that says you can make lots of money working from the comfort of your home. Then tell them they must pay a sign-on fee to apply.

Need more ideas? You can check out the latest Fraud Alerts to learn about scams that are surfacing.

8. Ransomware

This method will require some hacking knowledge so I won’t get too into it. But the premise is that you send a virus to businesses by having them click on a link – it encrypts and locks all their data.

And then you demand money to decrypt it.

This happened to a business I worked with. The demand amount was only $500. I thought it was brilliant.

9. Prostitution

You may think this is an easy way to make money fast but sex work is work, and work is hard. 

But if you are willing to put in the work it can be a decent gig.

According to a new study, most sex workers earn less than $20,000 a year but have a high level of job satisfaction.

But the big difference between prostitution and other jobs is that more than half of sex workers worked 10 hours or fewer per week.

So you stand to make $50,000 a year if you work more as a prostitute.

10. Sell drugs

Even if I were desperate for money I wouldn’t do this one. It’s way too risky and can land you in jail in no time.

Most street pushers selling marijuana can make a $600 profit in a week. But I’d say, on average, it’s about $1200 a month.

$1200 is a good, rough figure according to an interview with a part-time drug dealer.

When the drug dealer was asked why not just sell drugs full-time he responded, “Because there has to be a demand for it and part of my philosophy in selling drugs is that I’m not going to actively seek it out. By actively seeking it out, you expose yourself to a greater risk of getting caught. “

Exactly my thoughts. The risk is far too great. There are other ways to make $500 a month that aren’t illegal.

11. Embezzle your employer

This can work if you work in the right department but it is also very risky.

However, if you hate your job and are strapped for cash, then it is another option for making money fast the illegal way.

If you work in the billing department, you can slowly funnel money in tiny increments that add up over time. Just be wary that companies often sue employees caught for stealing money.

If you work in an office and are simply stealing toner (that sell for upwards of $100+) then you would likely just get fired.

Just don’t get caught and be smart about it.

Having second thoughts on making money illegally?

That’s completely normal. If you are looking for some alternatives to making money illegally there are plenty available.

Take a look at some of the best legal gig jobs (that don’t require any experience or investment) to get you started:

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Why would someone make money fast illegally?

A lot of people are going through tough situations. Add on maybe some mental illnesses or depression, and things get even worse.

Sometimes people hit rock bottom and need money to make rent, or are addicted to drugs.

Whatever it may be, making money is a priority and anyway they can get it will have to do.

They may not even be a criminal, but just have been unsuccessful in this capitalistic economy.

However, rational people always weigh the risk vs the reward. It’s kind of like Darwinism back in play.  

The bottom line is that it is not morally justifiable to break the law to no matter your circumstance. There are plenty of programs that can help you in your city or ways to make money legally. Just use your best judgement.

Disclaimer: Gigs Done Right is not condoning any of these ways of how to make money fast illegally.

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