How Much Does Rover Pay? Yes, You Can Walk Dogs for Money

Interested in walking dogs for money? You can learn more about joining the Rover team and more importantly learn how much does Rover pay?

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Are you a dog lover? Do you have to stop every time you see an adorable pup on the street?

Let’s be honest, you can’t help yourself. It’s okay, most dog lovers can’t, and no one can blame you when those cute faces and squeezable paws show up.

However, have you ever thought about turning your obsession into a gig job? I’m not talking about setting up a booth offering dog’s belly rubs. I’m referring to companies like Rover.

What is Rover?

Rover is the nation’s largest network of pet sitters and dog walkers. They offer a ton of different services to help pet owners give their four-legged buddies the attention and care they deserve when they can’t.

Rover takes pride in their amazing customer care and 5-star sitter rating, and they don’t judge because Rover is full of dog lovers like yourself. But how much does Rover pay?

How does Rover work?

Rover is useful for many people with dogs that need help taking care of them. Any dog owner who is planning a vacation or a weekend getaway knows the struggle of wishing they could take their dog with them, but it isn’t always possible. This is where Rover can help.

rover dog walking example

If you’re a dog lover and can board a dog at your home, or walk someone else’s dog during the day, you are a good candidate to earn money with Rover.

Signing up as a service provider for Rover is simple enough. You simply fill out your profile and the app will connect you with people who need services for their pets.

You’ll want to build up your account with positive reviews so dog owners will want to use your services. Once you get a request, it will appear in your pending requests within the app. If you like the gig, you can accept it or you can even meet the client before accepting the request.

Once the service is completed, you can cash out two days after completing the service. Rover takes a 20% to 25% cut of your booking fees and it depends on if you use Rover or RoverGO.

RoverGO is a program made by Rover to jumpstart your Dog Walking or Pet Sitting business by taking all the hard work out of marketing at the cost of 5% extra being taken out of your share of revenue. The program promises to jumpstart your business so you can get clients and business fast! You can join by going to or emailing the team at [email protected]

Who can work for Rover?

The requirements to become a dog walker on Rover are simple.

You’ll need to:

  • Complete your Rover profile.
  • Pass the enhanced background check.
  • Pass the Rover walker certification.
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be available on weekdays.
  • Have the latest Rover app.

Most people wonder is Rover considered self-employment? Remember that you will be an independent contractor so you will get a 1099 form for taxes. You won’t get any benefits like you would for a full-time job. However, this is offset by the ability to work when and where you want.

How much do Rover walkers make?

Rover sitters and walkers can earn up to $100 per week (or more) and don’t need to worry about networking and marketing yourself – Rover does it for you.

Rover’s operations director Kristen Forecki stated that part-time walkers (who walk two to three dogs for two weeks a month) earned an average of $1,000 per month (or more).

So, how much does Rover pay?

If you wanted to earn even more, here is how your schedule and pay can look like by walking dogs with Rover:

  • Part-time with Rover: On average, you can earn $2,000 each month walking 2-3 dogs every week.
  • Full-time with Rover: On average, you can earn $3,200 each month walking 4-5 dogs every week.
  • Tip: You can earn even more if you get tips, set a higher rate and put in more hours.

Remember that Rover takes 20% to 25% of every payment you receive aside from tips.

Rover also offers protection of up to $1,000,000 on your services, an easy-to-use app to manage your dog sitting business, support team, and more.

You can even set your own schedule and prices for ultimate control.

So, get to know more dogs in your area and get paid to enjoy some quality pup time – it’s really a win-win.

Is it worth working for Rover?

I have spoken to many people who work for Rover. The bottom line is that it is definitely worth it. I spoke to a Rover dog walker who works in my neighborhood recently and she suggested getting your account positive reviews from the start. You can ask friends or family members to help out — do whatever it takes.

Besides that, you would want to offer both boarding and sitting services, focus on repeat clients, be responsive on the app, take great pictures for your profile, and offer services for pets with special needs.

If you don’t like the 20% cut that Rover takes, you could even use it to find new clients. Once you find established, repeat customers you could definitely work something out if that’s your aim. However, the app is really great for booking and keeping tabs of your dog sitting business (this is where the 20% comes in).

Where do I sign up to work for Rover?

Want to work with Rover and gain access to the nation’s largest network of pet parents?

Head on over the Rover’s application page and here is how the process works:

work with rover
By working with Rover you can set your own schedule and prices. Offer any combination of pet care services. Set size, age, and other pet preferences that work for you.
  • Create a profile showing who you are and your experience caring for dogs.
  • Choose the types of dogs you want to care for and the dates that work best for you.
  • Get paid two days after you’ve completed a service.

If you are happy with the answer to how much does Rover pay, you can get started here. While it may not be the only gig economy app to make money, it is one of the best for pet lovers.

Brian Meiggs
Brian Meiggs
Brian is the founder of Gigs Done Right and has tried every side hustle under the sun. His mission with Gigs Done Right is to share valuable information regarding the gig economy to everyone from beginners looking to start a side hustle, to veteran gig workers trying to expand their empire. He teaches people just like you how to make money in the gig economy and has been featured in Business Insider, Yahoo! Finance, NASDAQ, Discover, and more. He normally shares the latest news, videos, and topics for gig workers so they can earn more money in the gig economy.


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Vanessa Boykin
Vanessa Boykin

Great write up on Rover pricing and how much one can make with the dog walking app. Just to add on — this app connects pet owners to pet sitters. I am both – a sitter and an owner – and I have had great experiences. Make sure you read the terms of service. Also, I wouldn’t hire someone just because they are cheap. I’d make sure that I met them beforehand and that they had excellent reviews. It’s up to you to choose wisely. The app is just a platform.