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Gigs Done Right is your guide to the gig economy and for news and information on booming gig jobs. We are currently helping people earn money during the pandemic as wages stay stagnant and people continue to look for ways to increase their income.

Our main focus revolves around gig jobs, which are jobs where workers choose short-term gigs over permanent long-term employment. Examples of gig workers could include freelancers (freelance writers or photographers), independent contractors (Postmates, Instacart, Uber, or Lyft), project-based workers (Amazon Mechanical Turk) and temporary or part-time hires. 

Gigs Done Right readers worry less about money and can easily find the highest paying gig economy jobs that are best for them.


Gigs Done Right’s mission is to share valuable information regarding the gig economy to everyone from beginners looking to start a side hustle, to gig economy veterans trying to expand their empire. Gigs Done Right is planning on being the go-to source for all things gig-related by providing the best content for our readers. We cover a wide range of gig economy opportunities, including rideshare, delivery, scooter charging, tasks, caretaking, property rental, and everything in between.

We also plan on growing and providing useful information on the business side of the gig economy, including freelance tax issues, insurance, and more. Whether you’re looking to learn how to track your Uber or Lyft mileage or learn new opportunities to expand your income, Gigs Done Right provides the information you need to gain a competitive advantage. We hope you continue to come back as we continue to grow.


MeiggsMedia LLC proudly operates Gigs Done Right, a digital gig economy publication with thousands of monthly unique readers.

The team behind Gigs Done Right are people who had a real job, but found a way out. They escaped their grueling 9 to 5 by using gig jobs and building side hustle businesses. They now want to help you earn extra money and make a living in the gig economy.

Even if you don't participate in the gig economy right now, you know that there are so many gig economy apps to help you land your next paycheck.

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