Selling Bikes Online: Where to Sell Used Bikes?

Did you know you can sell your used bike online? Take a look at our list of places where you can sell your used bike.

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Selling your used bike online can seem like a monumental task. After all, you’ve got to think about taking pictures, creating a description, and reviewing offers. That’s not to mention shipping the thing across the country. Sometimes finding the right person or company to sell your used bike to, however, can alleviate such a hassle. 

If you want to sell your used bike but aren’t sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will introduce you to the selling process, from determining your bike’s worth and listing it to tips and tricks you can use to avoid scams and retain more profit. No matter which source you choose to sell to or what you use your newfound funds for, there are plenty of ways you can sell your used bike online. That’s even with shipping included. 

Are you ready to see how and where you can sell used bikes online? Let’s get started! 

Researching Your Used Bike’s Worth

Once you’ve decided you want to sell your used bike, you’ll need to find out what it’s worth. There are a few resources you can use to do so, including Bicycle Blue Book (BBB). You may even be able to use listings from other sites of the same bike you own to gauge a price. 

You should also note that accessories and any other extras don’t necessarily add value to the bike. In most cases, you’re better off selling those items separately or even just keeping them for future use. If you own a similar bike, you can even keep them for spare parts. 

When it comes to setting a price, be fair given the condition of the bike. Note any damage you see so you can include it in your descriptions later. If you have records surrounding the bike, you can reference those and even include them in the listing. However, they’re not necessary if you’re wanting to sell your used bike online.

11 Places to Sell a Used Bike

If you’re searching high and low to find a place where you can sell your used bike, look no further than the following list. There are nearly a dozen opportunities for making a little side money to put towards your next purchase (bike or otherwise). If you’re knowledgeable about the bike world, you may even find flipping bicycles to be a great form of semi-passive income

1. Bicycle Blue Book

Bicycle Blue Book (BBB) doesn’t just tell you how much your bike is worth; it also acts as a marketplace where you can make money on the side as well. When you sign up for an account with BBB, you can choose Instant Payout or Trade-In. BBB lets you sell through their marketplace and even accept direct offers from the platform. 

If you choose to trade your wheels in, you can take advantage of store credit. Shipping costs anywhere from $85-$150 but it’s often worth the hassle if you have an expensive bike. Bicycle Blue Book pays via Paypal and is one of the more trusted sources when it comes to selling used bikes online. 

2. Bike Exchange 

Bikes of all kinds are welcome at Bike Exchange. This website has a listing fee ranging from $9.95 to $29.95 depending on the price of your bike. Listings are good for 60 days, so make sure you put time and effort into those images and the short description. However, if you don’t sell your used bike within 60 days, relisting fees are only half of what you paid originally. 

In addition to listing costs, Bike Exchange does charge a 10% commission and possible merchant fee. While you can pay for shipping if you like, many sellers pawn off the shipping costs to the buyer. 

3. Bike Soup

Selling your used bike to a worldwide audience is easy with Bike Soup. This website allows you to list a bike for $3. Bike Soup teamed up with SHERPR to provide all the materials you need to ship and deliver the bike, which is a $50 value. Alternatively to the prepaid shipping label, you can ship the bike yourself. However, Bike Soup does offer a $650 insurance policy, so it’s something to think about. 

4. Cycle Exchange

Not all bicycles are made the same. If you’re selling a higher-end bike, check out Cycle Exchange. This company sells everything from mountain bikes and e-bikes to TT bikes and carbon wheelsets. At the same time, they do only purchase certain types of bikes, so be sure to check their list for further information. 

In addition, the company is also located in the UK, so you’ll need to ship the bike there for inspection. Cycle Exchange will provide a ready-made box for $65, including a shipping label. Payments for bikes are paid through Klarna. 

5. eBay 

You can’t sell something online without running into eBay. This website allows you to list up to 200 items per month for free, but you’re limited to only a handful of listings if you’re new to the platform. eBay allows you to sell at a fixed price or via auction mode. Again, you’ll have to come up with the description and pictures, but you can set shipping costs yourself. Just be sure to work with buyers who have good feedback and aren’t super new to the platform. There’s every chance someone might make an offer or place a bid and never pay. 

eBay does take a 12.9% fee on items sold, even though the listing is free. However, it can be well worth it to engage with a larger audience of potential customers. In addition, the more feedback you get, the better your profile looks. If you plan on flipping bikes as a side hustle, this is the way to get good ratings.  

6. Facebook Marketplace

Boost your passive income by selling your used bike on Facebook Marketplace. Though you’ll only have access to local buyers, there are no listing or shipping fees. At the same time, you will likely have a lot of people ask silly questions that are answered in the description or even lowball you for your item. It’s free to open a Facebook account, so give it a try to see what you can sell your used bike for on Facebook Marketplace. 

7. Goodbye Cycle

Say goodbye to your old bike and hello to cold, hard cash with Goodbye Cycle. This site requires you to fill out an online form with basic information about your bike and its condition before it sends you an offer within 24 hours. You can choose between dropping your bike off at a FedEx location or requesting a pickup. Besides this shipping fee, there are no other fees to list your used bike. Goodbye Cycle pays via PayPal or check.  

8. Local Bike Shops 

If you like to bike more than the average person, a local bike shop can be more than just a place to sell your used bike and make a few hundred dollars. Instead, you may be able to find a gig job or even talk to people who complete these jobs from the seat of a bike. Chances are most local bike shops will sell your bike on consignment, though you may need to pay certain fees or a percentage to do so. Whether you choose to list your used bike with a local bike shop or not, these venues can also be a great way to meet fellow bicyclists. 

9. OfferUp

Like eBay and Facebook Marketplace, you can sell all kinds of stuff on OfferUp, including used bikes. This app is available for both Android and iOS users and allows you to easily upload photos and include a description. OfferUp caters to local buyers but offers pre-approved meeting places for safety. Once you accept the buyer’s offer, the funds are removed from their account. Plus, there’s only a 12.9% service fee if and when you do sell. 

10. Pink Bike

This community website for cyclists also offers sellers the chance to gain an audience of 700,000+ members. Pink Bike allows you to talk and sell to knowledgeable people who are into cycling as well. This website allows you to sell your whole bike as well as individual pieces for free. Once you sign up for an account, simply choose to post an ad and publish it. Pink Bike pays out via PayPal. 

11. The Pro’s Closet

You may have seen vans advertising The Pro’s Closet driving around your neighborhood. This company is one of the largest online bike marketplaces, with bikes from $1,500 or more depending on what specialty they fulfill. The Pro’s Closet lets you choose between trade-ins and final sales so you can get cash or store credit. This company requires you to submit two photos of your bike and answer a few basic questions to receive an offer within 24 hours. After your bike clears inspection, The Pro’s Closet will finalize your approval and payment through PayPal or store credit. 

Tips on How to Sell Your Used Bike

Selling your used bike does take some effort. Here are some ways you can make the most of the process to get more for your used bike:

  • Take the time to clean your bike. It certainly doesn’t have to pass the white glove test, but it’s much easier to sell a used bike if it looks like it’s in good condition. You should also take the time to tune the bike up as well and make sure everything is in proper riding condition. 
  • Never underestimate the power of a good photo. The best photos can help sell your bike on their own. As you snap your bike, be sure to note the damage as well. This can show buyers that you’re transparent and honest. 
  • The more detailed your description, the better. Include features, product names, etc. The best descriptions include a list of what exactly is included with the bike, such as accessories, a bike helmet, etc. It’s a good idea to be as clear as possible when writing the description to avoid buyer confusion as well. 
  • Be aware of scams as both a buyer and a seller. Many potential buyers may buy first and ask questions later. The same rules that apply to an in-person transaction apply online as well. If the buyer isn’t willing to commit to paying for the item, there’s no deal. 
  • Stick to platform-specific payment methods. Though you might have to pay an extra fee for the service, it’s often worth it. 

Dealing with the public can be difficult, which is why many bike owners tend to sell directly to a company. While these offers may be lower than what you’d get from a private party, sometimes it can be worth it to take a loss in favor of the agony of dealing with lowballers and the general public. 


Which app can I use to sell my used bike? 

Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and OfferUp are all apps you can download and use to sell your used bike. 

What is the best way to sell a used bike? 

If you want to save on shipping costs, selling your used bike locally can help you make the most profit. However, if you want to appeal to a larger audience, selling a used bike online makes more sense. 

Can I sell my used bike online without paying a lot in shipping fees?

Yes, it’s possible to not pay a large amount in shipping to sell a used bike online. Many of the sites we’ve listed above offer specialized boxes and packing material you can use to ship your used bike safely. 

When is the best time to sell a used bike? 

Spring or summer is the best time to sell a used bike. Most people want to go out and enjoy the nice weather so they will likely be looking for a bike they can ride as temperatures climb higher. 

Sell Your Used Bike Online

Getting rid of your old bike might bring up a lot of memories, but sometimes it’s necessary. If you’re looking to sell your used bike online, we hope this article has helped you to see where you can do that. Whether you choose to sell your used bike online or locally, it’s nice to know there’s a market out there. Perhaps one day someone else will have similar fond memories of your old bike and pass it on to the next person.

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