How to Flip Money Fast (25 Legal to Flip Money

Do you want to learn how to flip money? Check out these 25 ways to flip money and double your money without much work.

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Do you want to flip $50 and make $500 fast? You can do it by following the various money flipping methods.

There are legitimate money flipping methods you can follow, which allow you to earn a bigger amount of money from the small amount of money you put as initial capital.

Of course, you can also expand it to become your own business. This guide will give you the 25 legitimate ways to flip money fast.

How to Flip Money (Tried-and-True Ways)

how to flip money fast

Before delving into the various money flipping methods, you need to know that not all money flipping methods are legal. There’s still quite a lot of illegal money flipping methods you can find both online and offline, which the scammers would be persistent to promote.

These illegal methods are something you will need to avoid at all costs, as they will not give you any return on your investment. Instead, they will only drain your money away.

The legitimate and trustworthy methods to flip money involve investing your money on a certain legitimate investment platform or business model. Nowadays, there are many business models that you can use to earn big money just with a small initial capital.

Online businesses today are booming because they have low overhead costs, and anybody can do it in the comfort of their own home. So, let’s get deeper into money flipping and how you can do it in the tried-and-true ways. 

What Is Money Flipping? How to Flip Money?

Money flipping is the method of turning a small amount of money into a bigger amount of money. You can do it in various ways, as there are many opportunities for you to flip your money, and often, you will need to follow a certain business model to make it happen. For instance, investing is a type of money flipping method where you put a small amount of money, wait for a certain period, and earn your profits from the growing value of your investment.

You can also flip money by following various business models, such as real estate flipping, book flipping, retail arbitrage, using various investment platforms, and many others. With the fast growth of technology today, there will be even more opportunities you can take to flip your money in legitimate ways.

How to Flip Money Legally Online

There are various methods you can use to flip money in legitimate ways online, and these methods will involve using a small amount of your money to get an even better return for your investment. Flipping money with legal methods will keep your money safe, as you will only follow the methods that are legal in your country. Here are some methods you can use to flip money in legitimate ways online:

1. Flip money with real estate investing with Fundrise

Fundrise is the platform that allows you to invest in real estate without having to put on the millions of dollars. It’s a low-cost way for you to get into real estate investment, and you can also get various benefits when you decide to invest your money on this platform. With the real estate properties that keep on rising year by year, you can expect your investment to grow every year, with up to 73% return after 6 years.

2. Flip your spare change with Acorns

Acorns is an investment platform that allows you to invest your spare change and grow your investment from there. It allows you to invest as little as $3 per month, and you can watch your investment grow from month to month. Also, this platform has the 256-bit encryption and two-factor authentication that allows you to secure your investment and keep it safe from any potential cyberattacks. It also provides you with various other investment options you can take right from the Acorns app.

How to flip money with automatic investing with SoFi Invest

SoFi Invest provides various investment options that you can take depending on your investment budget, which includes active investing, IPO investing, retirement accounts, crypto, fractional shares, ETFs, and automated investment. You can put your money on your SoFi Investment account and watch your money grow. It also offers a sign-up bonus of up to $1000 with no purchase necessary.

4. Become a flea market flipper

You can flip your money by becoming a flea market flipper, so you will go to various yard sales or flea markets, buy the products offered there for cheap, and then resell the products online for a big profit.

Sometimes, you will find plenty of valuable products that are available for less than $5, which the owners just want to throw away. These are the products you will sell for bigger profits online. For a start, you can just look around the neighborhood on Sunday or during the holidays, as people often open garage sales or yard sales around this time.

5. How to flip money with domain names

You can also flip money with domain names using a simple strategy. Most domain names will cost around $10-$20 per year. You will need to find the domain names that are exceptional and valuable for businesses.

Then, you will need to register these domain names and sell them as premium domain names. You can sell these premium domain names for thousands of dollars if you can pick the right domain names. So, it’s important for you to find the domain names businesses will use, which will give you the higher chance to get your domain names sold to these businesses.

6. Try blog or website flipping for money with Flippa

With Flippa, you can sell your blog, website, app, or online business and get a nice sum of profit from your transaction. To succeed with Flippa, you need to build your blog or website from scratch, putting relevant content into it and increasing the rank of the blog or website in the search engine.

You can even put some ads on your blog or website and let it earn some money before you sell it. You can sell the blog or website after it is earning some money per month, and you can put a bigger price tag on it depending on your blog or website’s earnings.

7. How to flip money with banks (Empower $250 advance) 

If you’re an Empower user, you can get a cash advance of up to $250 from your next paycheck. The best part is that there are no late fees, no interest charges, and no credit checks involved. You simply need to repay the advance when you receive your next paycheck.

You can learn more about Empower here.

8. Flip money by doing market research with Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is the platform that allows you to help businesses perform their market research projects. You will receive questions from various popular brands as surveys, and you need to complete these surveys to earn points.

Then, you can convert your points to various rewards, including cash rewards. With Survey Junkie, it’s possible for you to earn money by helping companies understand more about what you think of their products.

9. Flip money by referring people to Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a platform that allows you to earn money by completing certain tasks, watching videos, doing some online shopping, answering surveys, searching the web, and so on. There are various tasks you can complete on this platform, which can only take a few minutes for you to do.

You will earn points after completing the tasks, and then you can accumulate your points to trade them with rewards. The rewards you can get include cash, gift cards, coupons, and others. You can use this platform on the web and mobile apps.

10. Flipping art shares with Masterworks

We know fine art can cost a lot of money to purchase, such as classic paintings and sculptures. Masterworks is the platform that allows you to invest in fine art. With the price of fine art that keeps on increasing, you can put a much smaller amount of money to invest on the fine art available on this platform.

You will get the shares just like when you buy stocks in the stock market, with the only difference being that you own the shares for the fine arts you invest in on Masterworks.

11. How to flip money with delivery jobs like DoorDash

DoorDash is a platform that allows you to find restaurants and get the foods delivered to your door by the Dashers. Dashers are the people who spend their time completing delivery jobs from restaurants that have partnerships with DoorDash.

You can earn money by joining the DoorDash platform in your spare time, accepting delivery jobs and getting paid for each food order you have delivered to the customers.

12. Flip money with an online business

Nowadays, it’s quite easy for you to build an online business. You can monetize the skills you have and you can delve into various business models that you can operate online. For instance, you can enter the eCommerce market and create your own online store there.

There are many products you can sell in your online store, which is a great way for you to flip your money to earn bigger profits. You can also start with selling your own used stuff to gather the capital you need to sell more products in your online store. 

13. Flip items with retail arbitrage

Retail arbitrage means you are buying items from your local stores and then sell them online for a bigger profit. Not all items are available online, and your local stores might have some items unique to your area, which are not available everywhere else.

You can buy such items and sell them online for a profit. You can earn plenty of money if you can find various cool and unique items in your local store, which you can then resell in your online store. Many people have achieved success with this business model, and it’s still generating profits even in 2023.

14. Flip money by lowering your bills with Truebill

Truebill is the platform that allows you to track all your subscription services and provide detailed insights about your spending. With Truebill, you can track the subscription services that you don’t use a lot and end them.

You can also manage your money with the budgeting tool you can use on the Truebill app. Not only that, this platform helps you to check your credit scores and create the autopilot savings plan. With Truebill, you can take back the money you have wasted on useless subscriptions and take control of your financial life.

15. Flip your knowledge and skills for money

There are various opportunities you can take to flip your knowledge and skills for money. For instance, you can share your knowledge by creating online courses about the things you are an expert for. Then, you can sell your online courses to online education platforms like Udemy.

You can also use your skills to make money online by offering various services on online freelancing platforms, such as Fiverr,,, and so on. You can determine your own pricing and how you would like to deliver your services to your clients.

Easy Ways to Flip Money Offline

Aside from the different methods of flipping money online, you can also flip money offline by following certain business strategies that allow you to invest small money to earn big money. Flipping money offline is still as popular as the online methods, so it’s worth trying out. You can flip money offline in different ways.

Here are some easy ways to flip money offline:

16. Fix and flip real estate

Fixing and flipping real estate is perhaps one of the most common methods you can use to flip money without breaking the laws. In this method, you will need to find a broken property, such as a house or a business establishment, purchase that property, fix it, and sell it for a higher price.

The difference in price between a broken property and renovated property will be high enough for you to take as your profit margin. You can even stay in the property you are about to sell while waiting for the buyer for that property, which can help you save even more money.

17. How to flip money with rental properties

Flipping money with rental properties is almost the same as flipping real estate property. When you flip rental properties, you will buy a broken rental property, fix it, and then rent it to other people with a bigger rental price.

For instance, if the broken property is a rental property with a $100 rental price per month, you can buy it and renovate it, and then rent the same property for a bigger price, such as $200 or more per month. You can also buy the broken rental property from the owner as a mortgage, making it a better deal for you in the long term.

18. Flip land for money

Flipping land for money has to do with buying a piece of land for cheap, cultivating the land, and then selling the land for a bigger price. There are various methods you can use to flip land for money, as the land will give you plenty of benefits.

You can cultivate the land by planting various crops, build a business for it, and then sell it alongside your business. You can also use the land to build a real estate property and sell the land along with the property to the buyers. There are still many other methods you can use to make money out of the land you have bought.

19. Flip vehicles for cash

You can also flip vehicles for cash. The idea is to buy a broken vehicle that still has the chance to get repaired, and then repair the vehicle before you resell it. The vehicle can be anything, from classic cars, motorcycles, trucks, RVs, and so on.

When these vehicles are available for cheap, you will buy them, repair them, and resell them. You will need to repair these vehicles so that they are in good working condition, and you need to partner up with an excellent car repair shop for this business strategy to work well.

20. Flip a spare room

Do you have a spare room you are not using? You can flip your spare room and then rent it to college students or office workers who need a place to stay. You can renovate your spare room and make it as comfortable as possible for your potential renters.

Then, you can add various new features to your spare room, such as a television, media player, and others, to make it even more appealing for potential renters. Then, you can charge the tenants the renting price per month, per 3 months, or per year to stay in your spare room. This way, you can earn some easy passive income.

21. Flip storage space for money

Another interesting business model is to flip storage space for money. Nowadays, people will have no problem paying to get an extra storage space. Those who have too many things in their home might want to store some of their stuff in an external storage space, which you can provide for them.

You can turn any empty room, empty basement, or empty warehouse and turn them into a storage facility for those who would like to store their stuff. This business model can give you good passive income potential.

22. How to flip money selling books

Books are a commodity that you can sell with ease nowadays, as people are always looking for something good to read. You can make money selling books, and you can do it in various ways. For instance, you can buy used books in your local bookstore and sell them online.

You can also buy used books from various online retailers and sell them in your local area. There are many things you can do to make money selling books, and the more categories you offer for your books, the better it will be for you to make money from this business.

23. Flip clothes

Just like flipping books, you can also buy used clothes and sell them back for a profit. Used clothes, such as those from popular brands, are in demand right now. You can buy used clothes from overseas in bulk, which will come cheaper than buying in retail, and you can sell the used clothes in your local area.

Also, you can buy affordable new clothes from local brands and sell them online. Another method to flip clothes is to print your own clothing items, build your own brand, and sell them in your online store.

24. Flip furniture for cash

Many people will sell their furniture when they plan to move out of their house or replace their furniture with new ones. You can take this opportunity to flip furniture for cash with a simple strategy. You just need to find people who would like to sell their furniture, offer them a reasonable price, and resell the furniture for a profit.

However, before reselling the furniture, you need to inspect for any defects or damages that the furniture has, and then you will need to repair it first. Make sure that you are selling the furniture in the best condition possible to maximize your earnings in this business.

25. Flip shoes

Shoes are also a valuable commodity you can resell for a profit. There are various branded shoes you can sell to your audience. Many people will throw away their shoes, such as the older models of branded shoes, and you might find them for a cheap price.

To flip shoes, you will need to buy used branded shoes for cheap, which are often in damaged condition, and then try to restore the shoes before reselling them. There are various shoe restoration techniques you can apply to make the shoes look like new again. You should aim to buy and sell branded shoes, both new and older models, as these shoes will always be in demand.

Money Flipping Scams to Avoid

Remember, there are various methods to flip money in legitimate ways, but there are also some money flipping methods you need to stay away from. Some money flipping methods are scams, and when you take part in money flipping scams, you will end up losing plenty of money and getting no results. Worst, you will end up dealing with the authorities.

Here are money flipping scams to avoid:

Pyramid or Ponzi schemes

Pyramid or Ponzi schemes will require you to build a membership-type business model where the lower members need to pay money to higher members within the pyramid scheme. For you to earn money from the Ponzi scheme, you will need to recruit new members and get them to pay you.

The Pyramid or Ponzi schemes can work with or without products for you to sell. In this scheme, only those who are at the top of the pyramid will get the most money, while the lower members will get left with nothing, unless they recruit more new members.

Cash App money flip scams

Cash App is a financial platform that allows you to send and receive money with ease using $cashtag. It works similar to PayPal, and with this platform, you can manage your finances and invest your money there. However, with the popularity of Cash App, many unscrupulous people are trying to create money flip scams, which lure people to send their money to another Cash App user with a promise of a bigger profit.

They will send messages like “Send your $50 to this $cashtag and receive $500 in your Cash App account right away.” Some people ended up trying to send their money and not receiving anything in return, not even any response from the receiver. You need to avoid this type of Cash App money flip scams.

Wire transfer scams/check deposit scams

Wire transfer scams and check deposit scams are also common methods scammers will use to take money out of their victims. With the wire transfer scams and check deposit scams, somebody from overseas will ask you to transfer a certain amount of money via wire transfer or check deposit.

They might give you some promises, such as returning the money for a bigger amount after you’ve completed your transfer. They will ask you for the confirmation code before transferring, and you will end up giving your money away to the scammers.

Money flipping scams involving gift cards or prepaid debit cards

This is a type of Cash App flipping scams. The scammer will try to ask people to send them a gift card for a bigger money on their Cash App. The scammer can also ask the potential victim to send a smaller amount of money to their debit card account, and they will promise to send back a much bigger amount of cash on their Cash App account.

For instance, the scammer might ask you to send a $50 Amazon gift card, and they will promise to send back $500 to your Cash App. They might also ask you to send $100 to their debit card account and send back $1000 in your Cash App account. Don’t follow this type of money flipping scam.

Social media scams

Nowadays, many scammers use various social media platforms to spread their money flipping scams to the gullible people. They will entice their victims to invest in something shady while promising them a huge return on investment in a short time. For instance, they might entice their potential victims to invest in a certain trading app, while in reality, the app in question is not even a trading app at all. In fact, it’s a gambling app masquerading as a trading app.

Also, the app developer rigged the app to ensure that the members are losing money, so the scammers can get away with all the money the users have deposited into the app. You should avoid any type of shady money flipping scams circulating around social media and use the social media platforms with caution.

Money Flipping FAQs

Is money flipping legal?

Yes, money flipping is legal, as long as you follow the legal business models, such as the ones featured in this guide. However, there are still plenty of money flipping schemes that are illegal to do, and you need to be cautious of these illegal schemes. You need to educate yourself about any potential investment opportunities before putting any money into it.

Are money flips a real thing?

Flipping money is a real thing, and you can follow various business models, such as the ones mentioned in this guide. For instance, you can invest your $100 to buy used books from your local stores, and then sell these books online for a bigger price. If you earn $200 from your book sales, then it means that you have flipped your money from $100 to $200. Pick the money flipping business model that you prefer the most.

How can I turn $100 into $1,000 fast?

You can follow the business models as mentioned in this guide. To turn $100 into $1000 fast, choose a money flipping business model that is in demand today. You need to take the time to analyze the market today and try to offer your products to the market, so you can earn money fast from your product sales. Use the $100 as your initial capital.

Final thoughts on how to flip money fast

Yes, flipping money is possible. However, you need to understand how to do it in a legitimate way. You don’t want to delve into the illegal and shady money flipping methods you can find in social media, which promise you a high return on your investment. It’s best for you to follow the legitimate ways as mentioned in this guide to flip your money as fast as possible.

Find the money flipping method you prefer and find the one that suits you best. It’s the best way for you to turn a small investment into a big profit.

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