Top Open Class Action Lawsuits (No Proof) Open Right Now – 2024

Apply for these open class action lawsuits and claim your settlement money. These are available to you and some require no proof of purchase.

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Another way to earn some money, for not much work, is by applying for open class action lawsuits. In this article, I’ll list all the available class action lawsuits open right now.

What is a class action lawsuit? A class action, also known as a class action lawsuit, class suit, or representative action, is a type of lawsuit where one of the parties is a group of people who are represented collectively by a member of that group

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Who Can Apply for Open Class Action Lawsuits?

It’s really simple to go through the list and see if any of the open class actions are available to you and use the online forms to submit your information and apply.

Some of these top settlements can net you $5-$80,000 in free money and some require no proof of purchase.

Don’t believe me? Check the list below and see which major corporations owe you cash.

List of Open Class Action Lawsuits for 2024

Class Action LawsuitSettlement MoneyProof of PurchaseExpiration
Alabama and Texas NIBCO Defective ProductsVariesYes05/16/2025
Apple Gift CardsVariesYes01/08/2024
BECU NSF FeesVariesN/ANone
Biogen 401(k)VariesN/A12/29/2023
Blue Shield of California Mental Health CoverageReimbursement for treatmentsNoNone
Brenntag Profit Sharing PlanVariesNoNone
CertainTeed Horizon ShinglesVariesYes03/02/2030
Choice Health Insurance Data Breach$4,075Yes01/09/2024
Creative Ceilings Settles Wage StatementAbout $391N/AN/A
Duke University and UNC Faculty AntitrustAbout $2,341.91NoN/A
Earl Enterprises Restaurants Data Breach$5,000Yes01/05/2024
Earnin App Overdraft or Insufficient Funds Event FeesVariesN/AN/A
Express Services Inc Unpaid WagesVariesN/AN/A
Family Dollar Warehouse Pest Infestation$25 gift cardN/A01/09/2024
Fifth Third Bank ATM FeesTBDN/AN/A
First Advantage Background Checks$30 Discounts and nine free disclosuresYes02/07/2024
Fortnite FTC Settlement RefundsTBDYes01/27/2024
Honda CR-V VibrationRepairsYesNone
IBM 401(k) PlanVariesNoNone
IHOP Franchise Wage-and-HourVariesN/ATBD
Indiana Bureau Motor Vehicles OverchargeUp to $50YesNone
Inline Network Integration Data BreacUp to $5,000Yes01/01/2024
Intelenet America OT WagesVariesNoNone
Intero Real Estate Services Unsolicited Calls$350YesNone
KSE Sportsman Media Subscriber$420N/A01/04/2024
Lenovo Laptop Display Defect$100Yes01/03/2024
LexisNexis Auto Crash ReportInjunctive relief.N/ANone
Macy’s CVC SheetsUp to $7.50 per unitYes180 calendar days
after the effective
McCormick All-Natural Products False AdVariesNoTBD
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter BlueTEC EmissionsUp to $3,590YesVaries
Mid-America Taping & Reeling Fingerprint Timeclocks$400-$500N/AN/A
Missouri Department of Corrections (MDOC) Wage-and-HourVariesN/A45 days after receiving payment to file a claim form to dispute the payment amount
Missouri Nissan Altima, Maxima Floor PanVariesYesTBD
Mueller Kitchen Products False Advertising$15/$30N/A01/30/2024
My Little SteamerVariesYesNone
NABP NAPLEX Test$7,500Yes01/12/2024
Neurobrands DL-Malic AcidInjunctive relief onlyNoNone
New Dominion Oklahoma Earthquake DamageVariesYes01/13/2024
New Jersey Incarcerated Students Disabilities IDEA ViolationsVariesNo01/31/2024
Oregon CARES Funds DiscriminationVariesNoNone
Panda Express Delivery Fees$10 cash payment
or two entree vouchers
Raydon ERISAVariesNoNone
Robert Heath Trucking WagesVariesNoNone
Seterus Alleged Unlawful Debt CollectionVariesN/ANone
Spirit Airlines Carry-On Bag FeesVariesN/A01/10/2024
Suboxone Indirect Purchasers AntitrustVariesYes02/17/2024
T-Mobile Data BreachUp to $25,000YesNone
Teva Pharmaceuticals Retirement Savings Plan$10 or moreN/AN/A
Texas Roadhouse Age DiscriminationVariesYesNone
Theranos, Walgreens Blood Testing False AdVariesN/A01/08/2024
Toyota Air Bag Control UnitsVariesYes12/16/2026
Trinity Industries ET-Plus GuardrailsET-Plus devices replacement for the next six yearsN/AVaries
Trojan Horse RetirementVariesYesNone
Truvada, Atripla HIV Drugs Direct PurchasersTBDYes01/01/2024
Tyco Fire Protection Water ContaminationVariesN/AVaries
Uber Eats New York BackgroundVariesN/A12/29/2023
USAA Cost of InsuranceAt least $50NoN/A
Valero Gas StationsInjunctive reliefN/ANone
Vasona Management Fair HousingTBDN/A05/25/2024
Wells Fargo Buydown Agreementat least $50NoNone

For You: What are some top open class action lawsuits that you’ve claimed in the past? Ever made over $100?

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Brian Meiggs
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when will payment be made on class action suit settlement on Pudue osicotin


how do I make claim


How do I make claim

Lauretta Hendricks
Lauretta Hendricks

Has anyone been paid for truvada yer


i want to open a new class action lawsuit on Microsoft!! i redid my computer but had it leave all me file the way they where!! but when it restarted one drive decided to take it upon itself to backup 500 gigs of information programs, bitcoin wallets, and pictures that cant be replaced. but yet i did not have enough space therefore the auto delete took over and deleted most of my stuff, i got 5 gigs of my information back. if there is anybody else out there having the same kind of problem please come join me lets start a class action lawsuit against microsoft


I was part of one for a medication called Suboxone a few years back and recieved over $3,000. No joke. There has also been a few more over the years that have payed $100 or more, but that doesn’t happen very often and usually it’s when you do in fact have proof

patti dusbabek

I’m in a Countrywide loan which Bank of America took over without any proof that it had the legal right to do so. It stole over 12 years $800,000 from me, threatened auction of my home when it lacked any valid support to even collect on my loan, brought in SLS and QLS who falsified documents and did everything possible in its effort to harm and auction my property when it couldn’t support even one valid element required by my Countrywde loan for such action. The Federal Judge in Seattle assisted it by removing my county court cases, transferring them to Federal court, denying a court hearing, and then removing the court case numbers from the record so no one could pull the case to review the fact that he never heard it! All these actions to assist Bank of America who met none of the requirements of my Countrywide loan

baoyu zhang
baoyu zhang

how do I make claim