Have the “It” Factor? Here’s How to Get Paid to Date

The phrase “get paid to date” might sound like it involves more than you’re comfortable with, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Read on to learn more.

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Making money online is easier to do than ever before. Whether you’re paying for groceries and gas or answering survey questions and watching videos, you can earn more for the things you already do. 

The same goes for dating. In fact, our article includes several dating apps you can use to get paid to date. 

Statistics show that almost 14% of online daters get married to someone they met on a dating website or app. Dating app revenue numbers support the cultural value of these sites, with over $5.5 billion made in 2021 alone

Dating apps connect you with others looking for a similar arrangement that’s up-front as it is open to possibilities. As long as both parties understand what’s involved with the date, all that’s left to do is enjoy your time and get paid.  

Are you ready to learn more about how you can get paid to date? Let’s get started!

What Does it Mean to Get Paid to Date?

If you want to know how to make money by going on dates, you’re not alone. Many dating apps that pay you real money to go on dates with other members can bring in quite a paycheck, especially when you consider you get to make new memories and have memorable experiences along the way. 

Dating sites pay you to date because they know the majority of people are looking for someone to spend their lives with, or at least enjoy life with for a few hours at a time. Plus, these sites are often better than the highest-paying survey sites

Many people consider getting paid to date to be similar to other under-the-table jobs. However, it all comes down to what you’re willing to accept and what boundaries you establish and enforce. 

As long as you can set realistic expectations and your dating partner agrees to them, it’s simply a business relationship. Dating websites can also be a great way to meet new people and explore what’s out there. 

Sugar Dating

Figuring out how to make money online without paying anything is the premise of “sugar dating,” where one individual in the relationship pays the other one money for companionship. The level of companionship varies from one partnership to the next. 

“Sugar mommas” and “sugar daddies” often purchase expensive gifts, trips, cars, and experiences for their “sugar baby” or partner, who provides a presence and friendship. Love isn’t always a necessary prerequisite as these relationships are often carefree. 

Some people consider sugar dating to be a way to get free money and experience new things along the way. Others may not be comfortable with such an arrangement, and that’s okay. 

How Does Getting Paid to Date Work

Dating agencies regularly hire people to go on dates with their clients. This match-making service charges clients and connects them with individuals who match their needs. 

Most dating sites have specific rules about how relationships work and what conduct is or is not allowed. You’ll need to follow the sign-up rules and meet specific eligibility criteria in most cases. 

Individuals who get paid to date can earn anywhere from $50 to $500 per hour, minus the agency’s cut. If you go on enough dates, you could end up earning upwards of $1,000 per week and having fun at the same time. 

There are three common themes among dating websites, including auctions, advertisements, and paid membership sites:

  • Date bids or auctions: On these sites, clients bid on available dates with a specific individual. The highest bidder wins the date and the profits are split between the individual and the agency. 
  • Date advertisement: Dating agencies can also put out ads for a specific date location, budget, and time. Clients pick various dates and apply. 
  • Paid membership dating sites: These members-only sites are similar to eHarmony in that you have to pay to create a profile and interact. 

Now that you know a bit more about the dating world these days, let’s take a look at how exactly you can get paid to date.  

9 Ways You Can Get Paid to Date

Keep in mind that these websites are not defined as escort services. These dating agencies match you with someone who shares the same interests and lets the magic happen from there. 

1. Miss Travel

If you want to travel and want a companion to share your experience, join over 1 million people on Miss Travel. This website lets you create a profile to connect with others who enjoy traveling the world, meeting new people, and exploring new places. 

Miss Travel matches you with others who share your same needs. Though traveling abroad with a stranger can be risky, you can always meet your date beforehand to see if it’s a right fit. 

If you do decide to travel together, it can be smart to advise your friends and family on your itinerary and agree upon times when you’ll check in. Put all the arrangements in your name as well to avoid any snafus. 

2. My Bunny Date

This dating agency welcomes both men and women who want to bid on dates. While My Bunny Date doesn’t sustain relationships, it does introduce people who can then come up with and agree upon a future arrangement. 

Sugar daddies and sugar mommas are classified as “Generous Members” on My Bunny Date, while “Gorgeous Members” are sugar babies. Generous Members send Gorgeous Members offers, including a rate for the first date. 

Gorgeous Members are paid after the transaction at self-defined rates. While a continued relationship is not guaranteed, members can see each other again on the same or different terms.

3. Ohlala

It’s easy to create an account on Ohlala. All you need is your email, phone number, and some basic personal information. 

Ohlala requires you to be 21 years old to participate on the platform. However, it welcomes both men and women who offer paid dates. 

Most members make anywhere from $50 to $400 per hour on Ohlala. The connections are very much location-based, so you’ll be interacting with other singles in your area. 

For example, a man can offer his dating services to several female connections. These females have 20 minutes to respond to a date request before the man can choose another female to send an offer to. 

Because this dating site has such a simple sign-up process and connects local singles, it’s popular among many age groups. Check out Ohlala today to see who you can connect with. 

4. ProDate

If you like participating in online dating surveys, ProDate can help you earn more for your opinion. This app and corresponding website help you find romantic partners quickly and easily so you can go on a date soon. 

Signing up is an easy process and you can get paid as soon as you complete a survey. Payments come via PayPal or Venmo and you can even opt into a rewards program for discounts on future purchases. 

ProDate also offers chat rooms and messaging to help its members connect. If you want to connect with singles who put effort into their profiles, ProDate can help. 

5. RentAFriend

As odd as it may sound, RentAFriend is popular among singles who want someone with whom they can enjoy activities. Both men and women can connect on RentAFriend to go to dinner, enjoy a concert, or attend a sports event. 

RentAFriend does not perform a background check on any of its members. This just means that you’ll probably want to meet your potential date at a public location first before agreeing to a date. 

You can earn around $10 per hour to start on RentAFriend, but the hourly price depends on what activities you offer or agree to. Premium experiences may fetch higher hourly rates.

6. Rent A Gent

Women can find wealthy gentlemen to spend time with on Rent A Gent, a site that caters to females but offers access to bachelorettes as well. This dating website includes several key features, such as messaging and search functions as well as detailed profiles. 

Rent A Gent will match you with qualified singles who meet your criteria. Though you will pay a fee to join this members-only platform, benefits include dating resources and invaluable advice you can use both now and later in life. 

This dating site also gives singles the chance to learn about dating etiquette and experience the finer things in life. Earnings come in around $100 per hour, depending on the details of the date. 

7. Secret Benefits

It’s free to join Secret Benefits, a site that welcomes women and men in building profiles and connecting with other members. Honesty is as valuable here as on any dating website. 

Before you begin a relationship on Secret Benefits, both partners must agree to terms and expectations. Once those are taken care of, all that’s left to do is make memories with one another. 

8. Seeking Arrangement

Joining this 10+ million-member site takes less than five minutes but can earn you between $100 and $600 per date. All you have to do is upload your photo, explain the terms of your arrangement, and wait for a match. 

Seeking Arrangement invites both men and women to the site. As long as you state clearly what you’re looking for, you can potentially find a sugar momma, daddy, or baby. 

9. What’s Your Price 

This auction-based website has over 4+ million members and awards the highest winner with the advertised date. Most dates start at $125 per hour, depending on what goes on.

The good news is that What’s Your Price requires the bidder to pay for the date itself, so you just come along for the ride. Plus, bidding on What’s Your Price can result in more dates than you’d find on other dating apps like Tinder. 

How to Stay Safe and Get Paid to Date

Even the best of intentions are no defense against predators looking to take advantage of you. If you’re going on a first date on a new dating app, here are a few things you should keep in mind: 

  • Don’t provide personal details, including those someone could use to access your personal information and steal your identity. 
  • Dating agencies often screen clients but don’t assume everyone you meet is harmless. Do your due diligence to protect yourself. 
  • Meet your date in a public place before going on an official date. 
  • Let your family and friends know where you are going and with whom before each date. Provide them with as many details as possible and agree on a check-in time. 
  • Should you experience any issues with a date through an agency, report them to the agency immediately. 

Should you feel in danger or threatened in any way on a date, you can also call 911. The authorities can step in and potentially prevent any further issues. 

Is getting paid to date legitimate? 

Yes, getting paid to date is legitimate. It’s the premise behind each of the apps on our list above, including RentAFriend, Ohlala, and more. 

How much can you make by getting paid to go on dates?

The amount you can earn from going on dates from these websites depends on each individual person. Many people make at least a few dollars an hour and at minimum, you can experience something new with someone who you could potentially get close to. 

How is getting paid to date different from an escort service? 

Getting paid to date is different from an escort service in many ways. The majority of dating sites advertise that they are a way to connect individuals looking for desirable traits in other people rather than those just looking to hook up.

Who are get-paid-to-date sites best for?

Dating sites that pay you to date are best for singles looking to meet other people and get paid at the same time. Many people seek out relationships such as those featured on these dating sites, so they’re a great place to meet like-minded people. 

Monetize Your Dating Experience and Get Paid to Date

Getting paid to do various things can help you earn extra money, from uploading receipts to participating in specific cashback offers. You can also get paid to date. 

We hope this article has helped you to see how you can get paid to date and which apps pay you for this service specifically. While dating apps like those listed above aren’t for everyone, they are a legitimate way to earn money. 

If you’re still looking for other ways to make ends meet, check out our blog. We feature unique ways you can get paid, earn passive income, and achieve your various financial goals.

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