80 Personal Finance Blog Ideas: Post Inspiration to Get You Out of a Rut

If you feel frustrated by coming up with topics for your financial blog, here are some ideas for you to write about.

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Stuck for ideas for your finance blog? Writer’s block hits all of us at some point, and it can be frustrating.

If you’ve found yourself sitting in front of your laptop not knowing what to write about, we have just the thing. To inspire you to make your next personal finance blog post amazing, here are 100 of our top content ideas for your money blog.

We’ve sorted these financial blog topics into categories, so you can easily find content ideas that fit your style — from budgeting and saving money to side hustles and everything in between. Start getting great content ideas so you can start making more money blogging.

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Budgeting is a key component of personal finance. Help your readers learn how to spend less by trimming expenses.

  1. 10 Money-Saving Apps That Do The Penny Pinching For You
  2. How to Track Expenses in 3 Easy Steps and Never Fail at Budgeting Again
  3. 52-Week Money Challenge: How to Save $5,000 This Year
  4. The Top 10 Best Personal Finance Books for 2021
  5. 15 Best Budgeting Apps to Download Now
  6. How You Can Budget in 3 Easy Steps
  7. Quickest Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store
  8. The Best Budgeting Tools to Use That Are Free
  9. The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Budgeting and Saving
  10. How to Budget for Big Expenses


Everyone needs a cushy nest egg for retirement so help your readers gain insight on how to best plan for retirement.

  1. 401(k) vs. IRA: How to Choose The Best Retirement Account for You
  2. The Ultimate Guide to Retirement
  3. Should You Pay Off Debt or Save For Retirement?
  4. How to Retire Early: Reach Early Retirement in 7 Simple Steps
  5. How and Where to Open an IRA
  6. 10 Timeless Investing Tips to Become a Successful Investor
  7. Retirement Planning: How To Plan For A Successful Retirement
  8. 10 Realistic Ways To Invest $100K Right Now
  9. How You Can Retire Early
  10. How You Can Know if You Will Retire Early

Making Money

Everyone wants to make money online. In fact, the term “make money” receives over 33,100 searches per month. Here are some topics you can write about making money, side hustles, and online gigs to help your readers fatten their wallets.

  1. 20 Real Ways to Make Money from Home
  2. How to Make Money Fast: 31 Quick Ways to Earn $100 Now
  3. How to Make Money as a Kid: 10+ Ideas for Kids & Teenagers to Earn
  4. 5 Flexible Ways For College Students To Make Money
  5. 25 Gig Economy Jobs Smart People Are Using to Make Extra Money
  6. 25 Fun Hobbies That Can Make You Money in Your Free Time
  7. 10 Best Ways to Get Free Money with Little to No Effort
  8. 50 Legitimate Ways to Earn Money Online Without Paying Anything
  9. 20 Real Money Earning Games that Pay You Cash to Play
  10. 30 Legit Ways to Make Money With Your Phone

Home Buying

Home buying a huge stage in the average American’s life. Take advantage of that with articles on how to buy a home and different mistakes to avoid as a first time home buyer.

  1. 10 Steps to Buying Your First Home (First Time Home Buyer’s Guide)
  2. 5 Mistakes to Avoid as a First Time Home Buyer
  3. How to Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage and When to Start Trying
  4. Home Buying Tips And Tools Helping You Get On The Property Ladder
  5. Smart Things To Consider When Buying A House
  6. Top Tips On How To Save For A Mortgage Downpayment
  7. Rent Or Buy? 10 Reasons To Rent Instead Of Buy A Home
  8. How To Sell A House Online Guide
  9. Why You Should Get Pre-Approved For Your First Mortgage
  10. 7 Reasons To Not Be A First Time Home Buyer


Investing should definitely be a finance topic that you should blog about. Almost everyone wants to make money and investing is one way to do it either short-term or long-term.

  1. Investing for Retirement: The Complete Guide
  2. How to Start Investing: The Rookies’ Guide For Investing
  3. How To Start Investing Even If You Aren’t Rich Yet
  4. 7 Best Tips for Investing in Your 30s
  5. How and Where to Open an IRA
  6. 7 Timeless Investing Tips to Become a Successful Investor
  7. Should I Try Day Trading? 10 Things Everyone Should Know
  8. What is a Bear Market and Should I Be Worried When It Happens?
  9. 8 Things You Need to Know About a Stock Market Correction
  10. What is an ETF? How ETFs Work and What You Need to Know


From the best checking accounts to high-yield savings accounts, inform your readers about how to navigate in the financial banking world.

  1. How to Switch Banks Smoothly without Missing a Single Payment
  2. What is a CD Ladder (and Should You Have One)?
  3. Where Can I Get Cash Back with a Debit Card?
  4. What is a Prepaid Card? Pros and Cons of Prepaid Debit Cards
  5. How to Avoid Overdraft Fees
  6. What is PayPal and How Does PayPal Work?
  7. How Online Bill Pay Can Save You Time and Money
  8. What is a Bank Statement and How Do I Read It?
  9. Do I Have to Pay Taxes on Bank Account Interest?
  10. Money Market vs. CD: How to Choose the Best Investment for You


Debt – there’s good debt and bad debt. Why not teach your readers the different or choose another article idea with these catchy debt blog post ideas?

  1. Is it Better to Pay Off Debt or Save Money? How to Decide
  2. Is There Really Such a Thing as Good Debt vs. Bad Debt?
  3. How to Get Out of Debt: A Step-by-Step Guide
  4. 10 Must-Do Things After You Finally Become Debt Free
  5. 20 Brilliant Ideas to Pay Off Debt Fast in 2021
  6. 15 Steps to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck
  7. 2o Key Things to Know About Debt and Marriage
  8. The Quick and Easy Way to Pay Off Debt and Earn Financial Freedom
  9. The 5 Best Tools You Can Use to Refinance Your Debt
  10. How to Best Pay Off Credit Card Debt Fast

Student Loans

Your next finance blog ideas can come in the form of a student loan post. Almost all Millennials I know despise student loans — so why not help them learn how to pay them off fast or ways to refinance for a lower rate?

  1. Overwhelmed by Student Loans? Consider Refinancing Today
  2. Can You Pay Your Student Loan Bill with a Credit Card?
  3. The 10 Best and Most Creative Ways to Pay Off Student Loans Faster
  4. 10 Things to Do After You’ve Paid Off Your Student Loans
  5. How to Plan Your Graduate Student Budget For a Postgrad Year
  6. 10 Tax Breaks for Students to Lower Tuition Expenses
  7. 10 Common Student Loan Scams and How to Avoid Them
  8. What are The Best Companies to Refinance Student Loans?
  9. Should You Consolidate Your Student Loans?
  10. Should You Pay Off Student Loans While in College?

Take Your Financial Blog to the Next Level

We hope this list of popular finance blog ideas has inspired you to write your next blog post or given you ideas for a blog series.

Blogging can really be an enjoyable thing to do and I hope you found some great topic ideas in this list of financial blog post ideas. Next, you’ll want to check out popular affiliate marketing programs for bloggers so you can earn even more.

If you already have a personal finance blog or are looking to start one (check out our post on how to start a blog in 15 minutes here) – good luck and we hope we inspired you.

Brian Meiggs
Brian Meiggs
Brian is the founder of Gigs Done Right and has tried every side hustle under the sun. His mission with Gigs Done Right is to share valuable information regarding the gig economy to everyone from beginners looking to start a side hustle, to veteran gig workers trying to expand their empire. He teaches people just like you how to make money in the gig economy and has been featured in Business Insider, Yahoo! Finance, NASDAQ, Discover, and more. He normally shares the latest news, videos, and topics for gig workers so they can earn more money in the gig economy.


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Amir Erez

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The 'Staunch

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The Phenix Group

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Sarkari Tabs

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