Sell Beauty Products: 15 Companies That’ll Pay You

Have you always wanted to sell beauty products and get paid for it? Here are 15 companies you should contact to make a living from selling their products.

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Looking to sell beauty products? Beauty products help us make an impression on our audience, whether it’s in person or online. These products gain even more attention in an age where standing out on social media means more than just tweaking filters.

If you’re passionate about beauty products and want to share that knowledge and get paid for it, you’ve come to the right place. 

Our list below includes 15 companies ready to pay you for repping their brand. They often offer free samples and starter kits to help you spread the word about their products.

For example, you might receive a set of blushes or lipsticks that help you build a customer base for even more products and opportunities. All you have to do is find the right people to buy from you. 

If this sounds like a great way to earn a living, don’t worry. You’re not dreaming! We’ll take a closer look at each company to see what you need to qualify, including costs and caveats.

Many of these companies offer open terms so you don’t have to commit for an extended period. At the same time, the possibilities are almost endless when you think about where a career in beauty products can take you. 

Where to Sell Beauty Products

There are many ways to sell beauty products, specifically when it comes to where you set up shop.

Here are a few ideas for where you can sell beauty products to reach all types of audiences:

  • Your own online store
  • Social media
  • Local events
  • Friends and family 
  • Referrals 
  • Parties 
  • Informational sessions 

The challenging part of selling beauty products is that you’re responsible for not only demonstrating the product but selling it as well. For some products, this might be easy enough to do.

The demand to provide real results is even more prevalent in this field than in others, though most people are willing to give anything a try if it can help their image.

Successful beauty product experts will understand this relationship with their audience and offer samples and demonstrations as a way to sell merchandise. 

15 Companies That Will Pay You to Sell Beauty Products

Get out your pen and paper and write down these 15 companies who will offer you compensation for selling their beauty products.

Getting to try out those same products is just part of the rewards you’ll receive. 

1. 31 Gifts

Known for their storage, carryall, and tote products, 31 Gifts also welcomes new ambassadors. You can purchase a signature kit for $99 or a deluxe kit for $179.

Best of all, 31 Gifts allows you to sell at office parties, from your home, or even via your website. If you’re looking to make money on Instagram, 31 Gifts could be the platform you need. 

By becoming part of 31 Gifts, you’ll have access to a 40% discount on all products. You’ll make a 25% commission on everything you sell. Plus, the company offers a trip to Disney as an incentive for selling more. Check out 31 Gifts to learn more and sign up today. 

2. Avon

Avon is a well-known brand that sells everything from personal care to fragrances. By becoming an Avon sales representative, you can participate in health insurance plans, educational programs, and retirement opportunities with the company. Plus, all it takes is $25 to get started. 

Sell products such as color cosmetics, fragrances, skincare, and personal care through Avon to earn 40% on your first sale.

After that, your sales commission is paid based on your revenue and efforts. However, Avon will also give you access to an online storefront, brochures, and everything else you need to get your Avon business up and running. 

3. Arbonne

Arbonne offers natural products that are good for individuals and the environment. If you want to start your own business as an Arbonne independent consultant, all you have to do is pay the $49 registration fee.

Arbonne doesn’t require that you keep an inventory and actually ships products directly to your customers. In turn, you’ll receive 35% on your personal sales and 15% for preferred client purchases. 

To incentivize their reps, Arbonne offers cash rewards, trips, and even jewelry. Plus, you can use their social media tools to advertise. If you’re ever looking for support, you can even contact the Arbonne online community for help. 

4. Beachbody

This company is all about transforming your body through fitness and training programs. You may have heard about them from their Shakeology products.

Beachbody employs over 350,000 independent consultants who make up the coaching network. You can join this network by paying $39.95 for the digital business starter kit. After your first 30 days, you’ll then be billed $15.95 per month as a coach. 

Retail sales earn you a 25% commission with $90 extra for every Beachbody Challenge pack you sell. Both Challenge and Performance packs include everything your clients need to support their fitness and nutritional goals.

Plus, every new coach you sign up earns you rewards as well.

5. doTerra

If you love working with essential oils, check out doTerra. This company offers essential oils for several applications, including haircare, skincare, and spa.

As a doTerra wellness advocate, you’ll receive products at a 25% discount and have the chance to earn free product credits with each sale. 

The best part is that doTerra offers you a personal website through the company, so you won’t have to pay a monthly hosting fee.

Plus, you can sponsor new wellness advocates, earn free trips, and access free training anytime. Just contact a wellness advocate to get started. 

6. Jafra

Started in 1956, Jafra offers a line of skincare products as well as fragrances, makeup, and bath and body products.

It’ll cost you $39 for the business kit, or you can choose the royal business kit for $99.

Benefits of joining Jafra include jewelry, cash, trips, and free products for joining. Plus, you’ll get up to 50% commission on every product. 

7. Jamberry Nails

Nail wraps fans will love Jamberry Nails. This company offers starter kits from $29.95 with a range of products you can try and showcase to sell more.

In addition, you’ll earn up to 30% commission on the sales you make with the option to earn bonuses along the way. These include trips and recognition programs for top sellers. 

8. L’BRI

For a one-stop shop for beauty products, check out L’BRI. This brand offers a range of beauty products including skincare, body care, aging, suncare, cosmetics, and health and wellness.

Many of their products are try-before-you-buy, including free samples to get people interested in what they offer. 

If you want to join the L’BRI workforce, you’ll have to pay $299 to get the starter kit. It’s a $1,000 value that accompanies discounts of up to 45% on products you purchase.

Plus, you’ll get special incentives and you don’t have to carry a single item of inventory. L’BRI is known for its reorder base and high customer retention.

9. Lipsense

Long-lasting lipstick can be hard to find unless you know about Lipsense. This brand offers the SenseCosmetics lineup in addition to anti-aging skincare products.

Lipsense offers 20-50% off products for yourself, though you will have to carry an inventory for your clients.

However, if you sign up new distributors, you can increase your sales and earnings, potentially enough to earn a car through Lipsense. If you’re looking to turn $1 into $100, give Lipsense a try. 

10. Mary Kay

Over 40 years of history stand behind one of the biggest beauty brands in the business. To join the Mary Kay program, you’ll have to search their website for a current representative to connect with.

You’ll also need $100 for the starter kit. Once you pay your dues, you’ll have access to company training and the online tools you’ll need to make your Mary Kay business a success. 

If you’re wondering how to make $900, you might consider leaning on friends and family to help you get your Mary Kay career off the ground. You may even drive off in a pink Cadillac someday. 

11. NuSkin

With 30+ years in business, NuSkin is a brand most beauty care experts are familiar with. This brand specializes in face and body care products as well as makeup.

There is an array of kits you can purchase to get started with this brand, which has done over $11 billion since it first opened its doors. Plus, you’ll get commission and retail markup when you buy at wholesale pricing. 

12. Rodan & Fields

Skincare products like those associated with the Proactiv Solution are what Rodan & Fields are known for.

These products are clinically proven to produce results, making it a bit easier to sell them if you can back up the claims. To join Rodan & Fields, you’ll need to find a sponsor that will take you on. You can also submit a form directly through the website to find a sponsor. 

Adding new team members can earn you money, in addition to sales and retail profits. However, you’ll have to pay a $45 enrollment fee to get started. 

13. Scentsy

As the name suggests, Scentsy is known for its scent warmers and diffusers. They also sell cleaning, beauty, and laundry products you can promote to earn vacations, bonuses, and more as a consultant. Plus, you’ll get an exclusive gift just for joining the company. 

Scentsy requires you to have a sponsor to guide you through the process, which can help establish your network before you begin. You can sell both online and at home with parties, making it easy to make money from your phone no matter where you are.

The starter kit costs $99 but you also receive three free months of web hosting. Website costs only go up to $10 after that to keep your digital storefront going. 

14. Young Living

Essential oils, cleaning products, animal care products, vitamins, weight management products, and makeup all fall under the Young Living brand.

Become an ambassador for Young Living and you’ll receive 24% off retail pricing in addition to special sales and opportunities through the company.

You can also participate in the rewards points program to earn a cruise, or even join a convention to learn more about the industry. If you’re looking to make money online fast, check out Young Living.

15. Younique

Known for its 3D Fiber Lash Mascara, Younique has been open since 2012. This company offers a new presenter kit starting at $99 to get into the business.

Plus, Younique deposits your commission within three hours of you making a sale. Younique also offers a debit card after earning $50 as well as a free personal website and specialized training.

You can also earn rewards for parties, including the opportunity to own a car through Younique


Can you earn a full-time income from selling beauty products?

Yes, it’s possible to earn a full-time income just from selling beauty products. However, it can take quite a bit of effort and marketing to get started. Once you establish yourself as an expert in the field, however, obtaining orders should be easier to do. 

Do I have to show my face to sell beauty products? 

You may or may not have to show your face to sell beauty products. Most beauty products center around the face because it’s what we show to the world daily. However, there are beauty products that deal with other areas of the body, such as hair and skin. 

What kinds of beauty products can I sell? 

There’s nearly no limit to the kinds of beauty products you can sell. Really, it all depends on which companies you want to work with and which products they offer. 

Get Ready For Your Close Up

Educating your friends, family, and followers on the benefits of beauty products from the company you work for can be a lucrative job opportunity. We hope you’ve found this article helpful in finding companies to partner with to make a living selling beauty products. Each day brings new opportunities as well, from various products to new brands that arrive on the scene. If you’re passionate about beauty products and want to make a difference in the lives that surround you, check out these companies. You might be surprised at what you find and where it leads you.

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