Netflix Affiliate Program: How Do You Join?

Wondering about how to join the Netflix affiliate program and start earning money for referring friends and family to the popular video streaming company?

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Wondering about how to join the Netflix affiliate program and start earning money for referring friends and family to the popular video streaming company?

Netflix is a streaming service that has broken all borders of popularity and has been around for a very long time. Its reliability and popularity is the reason that we often want to refer our friends and family to this streaming service.

But the question here is how to refer your friends to Netflix?

Or more importantly, how to join the Netflix affiliate program?

This question seems to be going around the internet recently but without much success in place of answers. That is because Netflix does not need an affiliate program and so it canceled its affiliate program a long time ago.

Affiliate marketing programs like Walmart’s Affiliate Program are a way of bringing in more customers via referrals, mainly online referrals.

Netflix is a streaming service that has already taken over the world, so there appears no need for an affiliate program anymore, but still, the question is: Why was the Netflix affiliate program cancelled?

Why Was the Netflix Affiliate Program Cancelled?

There are a number of different reasons for the cancellation of the Netflix affiliate program.

Mainly, the program was canceled due to being very expensive because Netflix paid very high commissions for the referrals.

The amount being paid was around $10 for each new referral. So that means a whole lot of money for deal publishers and Netflix coupons.

But starting from the age of bulky DVDs up until now the streaming service has come a long way.

The Netflix affiliate program was started while the streaming service of Netflix was still in experimental stages, so they probably did not want to take very high risks.

Could the Netflix Affiliate Program be Started Again?

Seeing the statistics of the customers and the rate of new sign-ups, there are chances that Netflix might start its affiliate program.

This can be said because Netflix also hosts an advertising system, namely HasOffer Platform. The presence of this platform shows that Netflix can still restart their affiliate program any time they want to.

And now is as good a time as any for Netflix to start an affiliate program and expand the business because the number of new customers and signups are very low as many people already have an account of Netflix and those who do not have an account, they share with their family members.

Netflix Affiliate Program is Non-Existant

Now, coming back to the question of how to join the Netflix affiliate program.

How can you join the Netflix affiliate program? The short summarized answer is that you can’t. Netflix has cancelled its Netflix affiliate program with no public news about starting it again anytime soon.

This question will only take you around the internet in circles without any apparent solution because Netflix has no active affiliate program nor do they have any plans for reactivating the affiliate program anytime in the near future. However, all affiliate programs are not created equal.

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